Hunt Cataract Specialists is your home for cataract consultation, evaluation, and cataract surgery in The Villages and Ocala. 

We are proud to serve Veterans as the preferred VA Choice, PC3, and Mission Act surgical care in The Villages.

One of the most common ageing conditions in eye care, cataract development will affect your vision quality at some point in your life.   Like the clouding up of a window that you can’t clean, a cataract diminishes the clarity and focus of light entering the eye.  And the only way to fix a cataract is to get it out of the way surgically, and replace it with a clear lens implant.  This is how vision is restored.

Hunt Cataract Specialists uses a variety of FDA-approved lens implants at our Villages and Ocala surgery centers.  This is key to achieving the best possible outcome, given a patient’s expectations and the potential of their visual system, along with the special features of specific lens implants.  Astigmatism correction and enhanced range of glasses-free vision is possible for most all patients.  Our use of advanced technology lens implants includes:

  • Tecnis Multifocal – enhanced distance and reading
  • Tecnis Symfony – enhanced depth of focus
  • Alcon PanOptix – enhanced distance, intermediate range, and reading
  • ReSTOR Active – enhanced distance and reading
  • Tecnis Toric – astigmatism correction

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